Struggles singles face when they move into a new city

27 . Jun . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

You come to a new city with a thirst to prove yourself, carrying a bag full of expectations and wanting to try every adventure possible. But it’s not always fun and games – especially for singles who are on the hunt for a new home! If you’re one of those singles who has moved cities, here are a few struggles you will definitely relate to:

1. Living alone vs sharing a room!
You dream of living in a room that is all yours, with freedom and independence but the reality is that you’re sharing a room with 4 others so that the rent doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. And the work just doubles when you’re a ‘Single’! There is a lot of exhaustion, stress, frustration and money involved to say the least. After finding the perfect house in the perfect budget, knowing that it is not for singles, just crushes your dreams.

2. Dealing with landlords/ neighbors
This is the real struggle! After finding your dream house, singles have to go through the daily trauma of being neighborly. Being questioned from what you eat to who’s come to your place and till when you got back home last night, these are a few of the hundred questions that you get quizzed on!

3. Hunt for domestic help
Although there are many jokes on how important the role of a Bai is – They are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Finding someone who gets your vibe and is responsible is as exhausting as finding a needle in a haystack!

4. Your online shopping is soon replaced with convenience store visits!
Doormats, brooms, dustbins, toothbrush holders and definitely super cleaners – life is now restrained to buying household stuff in the convenience store and not loading your cart with the latest in fashion apparel.

5. Transportation -Yes, travelling in metro cities is very expensive. It all boils down to the jugaad you find and your ability of asking for a lift!

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