Struggler Saala Season 2 has an amazing first look

01 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Marathi cinema has still to come to terms with the streaming platforms and come up with a web series that’ll propel it into the global market. And the initial offerings are quite interesting – like Struggler Saala.

The series is about a couple of struggling actors and how they handle various situations in their lives. The second season will be out, and the first look is quite interesting. Featuring some of the well-known names from Marathi cinema, like Kushal Badrike Juvekar, Abhijeet Chavan, Radha Sagar and Prajakta Shinde.

The first look is a no-filter take on the life of urban men who are looking for something special in their lives – including their big break in the film industry – whether it’s Bollywood or the Marathi cinema.

The screenplay is quick, the gags are good and the urban storyline that the series shows is a far cry from the hyper-cultural-hangover that Marathi cinema has. The series basically proves that Marathi cinema has enough people to come up with edgy content and be toe to toe with the Hindi content creators.