Stream It: Mr. and Mrs. EO3: Truth or Dare with Mother in Law

Truth or Dare is a terrifying thing. And when you talk about playing that game with your mother-in-law, it is surely one of the most frightening things to ever happen. Well, Girlyapa has given us just a brief idea of how a truth-or-dare with a mother-in-law would end up, with this latest episode. It stars Nidhi Bishit, Biswapati Sarkar and others. The screenplay is hilarious and both Nidhi and Biswapati Sarkar are at their comic best.

Girlyapa is one of the few YouTube channels who haven’t given in to product placement as a major part of their creative process – so their videos are still quite fun to watch, otherwise, we are only watching an ad to watch an ad. Watch this video here: