Stream It: Holi Special

It’s the festival of colours and young content creators are making videos that bring the concept of this festival to the fore. This time, we have Harsh Beniwal, The Timeliners and Screenpatti tell us what Holi is supposed to be – a festival of colours, peace and everything positive in life.

Every Holi Ever Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal creates a video that brings all the colour and joy that’s this festival with a hilarious screenplay. This video shows us the different kinds of people that one would encounter on Holi. There’s some forced product placement in this video, but that seems to be the norm of the day nowadays.

TSP’s Holi in Different States

Earlier, a video on Valentine’s Day in every state garnered a lot of positive response. This time, they came up with a Holi in Different States. So, you have people excited about holidays in Bangalore, a boy being disconsolate because he can’t return to his hometown, in Kota and even the celebrity Holi in Mumbai. This video isn’t as good as the others in the list – and seems like something that’s just cobbled up in the middle of the day.

The Timeliners: Every Holi Ever

The Timeliners bring their version of Every Holi Ever, and the mainstay is a girl who uses Clean and Clear to stay clear after someone’s doused her with colour – you get the picture.