Stream It: Best viners this week

22 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Like last week, we have our list of top Viners from the world of streaming. Here’s our list!

Types of Autowallas (Timeliners): Commuters have begun to accept the auto menace, largely because of the easy availability of radio cabs. However, for the typical Indian, the auto still means a lot. So, the anger when a rickshaw walla denies you is palpable. And what better way to give it a slap in the face than a sarcastic video? This Timeliners video takes a hilarious, if over the top view of how rickshaw wallas deny service to people – and how that harries them no end.

BB Ki Vines: Angry Masterjee: BB Ki Vines comes up with some amazing content. What’s more interesting is that he does it almost on a zero budget. What started as a guerilla video remains the same. Maybe that’s the X factor that BB ki Vines has over his competitors. This video is the age old test all Indians go through, when the school teacher calls a parent to complain. This one is hilarious.

Advertisement Vs Reality (Harsh Beniwal): Our third video today is an amazing slice of life video that takes a dig at the insanity that’s shown in advertisements as compared to what happens in the real life. The video slams the various over the top concepts shown in ads, like fairness being the main criteria for getting a job and carcinogenic products sponsoring entire awards ceremonies.

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