Stranger Things in ‘stranger’ woes, makers accused of plagiarism

05 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix’s Stranger Things has stranger problems and that too after having come out with two extremely successful seasons. The series’ creators the Duffer Brothers – to Matt and Ross Duffer – are being sued by a director, claiming that the duo lifted ideas for their web series from his 2012 short film.

The director Charlie Kessler said that he screened his short film titled Montauk for the creator duo in 2014, in a bid to have it made into a full-length feature. Charlie claims that the brothers have used elements from his work to make Stranger Things.

In fact, the suit also notes that Stranger Things was given the working title of The Montauk Project and the series was originally set in the Long Island town of Montauk. But eventually, Stranger Things was set in Indiana. Further complicating things is the fact that both the series and the short film are inspired by rumoured  secret military operation titled Project Montauk, under which experiments were conducted on humans.

“After the massive success of Stranger Things that is based on Plaintiff’s concepts that Plaintiffs discussed with Defendants, Defendants have made huge sums of money by producing the series based on Plaintiff’s concepts without compensating or crediting Plaintiff for his Concepts,” Kessler’s suit says.

Charlie is seeking monetary damages and a jury trial over the alleged plagiarism. The legal team for the Duffer brothers said the lawsuit is completely meritless.

Stranger Things has become a pop-cultural phenomenon, and has made it lead star Millie Bobby Brown a popular name. Following its stupendous success, Stranger Things has been renewed for a third season.