Stranger Things crew talks about creating Stranger Things set

23 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The first thing that struck Stranger Things audiences was the eerie clapback the art direction had to the sci of the 80s. That made for an interesting viewing and the story was of course, incredible. Well, now we have a video where the set designers and art directors of the super successful web series talk about how they created what they created.

The set designers and art designers are quite clear about the fact that the sets and props are inspired from the 80s sci-fi films like Goonies and the others. This makes for an interesting watch not just for the audience but for people who are interested in knowing the various aspects of film-making too. It is rare to get such insights into how a series was made.

Stranger Things is already the most expensive web series that Netflix has invested in and is the most popular. With two seasons down and a third season imminent, we can only hope that the third season of the web series makes its way to the streaming platforms soon enough.