Steven Spielberg to direct Amazon Mini-series

28 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Steven Spielberg is in the news for his acidic comments about streaming. So, it comes as a surprise that he will be directing an Amazon mini-series that will be about the Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes. The series is based on the 16th century explored Hernan Cortes. Hernan Cortes is a 16th century explorer who defied Spanish authorities and led an expedition that finally led to the fall of the Aztec empire.

The series will be under Amblin Television, under Steven Spielberg and Steven Zaillian. The untitled mini-series will be written for television by Zaillian, who earlier wrote Schindler’s List and will be adapted from a screenplay by Dalton Trumbo. The series will star Javier Bardem. During a media interaction, Bardem said that it is a privilege to be tell a story that has the requisite dram and conflict and is a historical spectacle where civilisations meet at the height of their reign.

The tussle between mainstream directors and the streaming platforms is heating up day by day. Netflix was recently banned from Cannes, as Netflix doesn’t release their content mainstream. Steven Spielberg has recently said that Netflix films shouldn’t be eligible for the Oscars – a big statement coming from a big name in Hollywood.