Web Series: Spotlight

01 . Apr . 2017
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Television Director Suhail Tatari is here to entertain the digital audience with his new directorial venture ‘Spotlight’ on Viu. Spotlight is a fictional biopic of a Bollywood starlet starring Dahleez’s Tridha Choudhury along with Sid Makkar. Produced by Viu, Culture Machine and Loneranger Productions, this is the second series presented by Vikram Bhatt after Maaya, his attempt on exploring BDSM. Available in the format of ten episodes, this series claims to ‘expose Bollywood’. It is no secret however that the Bhatts have been exploring and exposing Bollywood since times immemorial.

Keen to trace Vikram Bhatt’s entry into web series I decided to begin my research with Maaya. Though put off by frail dialogues and frailer performances I was convinced that Mr Bhatt had made something he wanted to, which he could not make into a Bollywood film primarily owing to censorship. As much as the shot taking and music was overtly dramatic, Vikram Bhatt could be given a safety net for the subject not yet common in Indian films.

In Spotlight, unfortunately even that is missing. Here is a series about the loneliness of a star at the helm of the industry. How friends surround you when there is nothing to share and no one around when you really need to. With apologies, Sir, this concept has been done to death in Bollywood. What then could be the reason to further stuff the audience with the age old commentary on the Film Industry in the highly evolving social media domain leaves me perturbed. From the lighting, to the background score to its repetitive dialogues, the Bhatts have given us ample of this before. Their disaster recipe of a seductive-creepy-eerie treatment with flashy golden supers and more head-ache inducing than passionate songs should probably give the web world a break. But who am I to say, especially since this is the only domain which is truly sans restriction. Here’s hoping we all grow as audiences and inspire our filmmakers to trust our intelligence to consume more diverse products. Till then Mr Vikram Bhatt can continue to expose the already naked Bollwood.

Cast: Tridha Choudhury, Arif Zakaria, Sid Makkar

Director: Suhail Tatari


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