Sonnalli Seygall and Simran Kaur Mundi play a lesbian couple in Maaya 2

21 . Feb . 2018
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TheDigitalHash is the first to bring you news about anything and everything on the streaming platform and we have an exclusive update on Maaya 2, the sequel to the Vikram Bhatt directed web series Maaya.  We spoke to Krishna Bhatt, who will be helming the project and she revealed:

“Maaya 2 is a series about a lesbian couple. The series is based in Mumbai and will be an urban love story.”

The director, who recently made her web series directing debut with Untouchables also revealed the Maaya 2 cast. She said:

“The final cast is locked. My actresses are Sonnalli Seygall and Siman Kaur Mundi”.

When asked about what made her say yes to directing Maaya 2, she revealed:

“My dad told me that I should do this. I was worried because I didn’t identify with the concept. I was also worried about whether the audience would accept it and thirdly, whether I could do it. However, I didn’t want to give to any other director.  I thought about for an hour or so and finally said yes.”

This will be a novel concept for for both. Sonnalli Seygall is known for her quirky roles in the Pyaar the Punchnama series. Simran Kaur Mundi made her debut in 2011 with films like Jo Hum Chahein and then acted in films like Kuku Mathur ki Jhand Ho Gayi and Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon.

Earlier, there was a buzz that Krishna Bhatt would direct a web series that’s spawned from the 1920 web series. However, she put to rest these rumours by saying:

“There’s no 1920 web series happening. I am working on the Maaya 2 web series now.”