“SongFest is a platform for original music” – Gaurav Dagaonkar

24 . Nov . 2017
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Musician Gaurav Dagaonkar has come up with a novel idea to promote musical talent. Through SongFest, he hopes to provide better reach to upcoming as well as established musicians. In one such collaboration, he has joined hands with singer Ash King for the song Tum Khoobsurat Ho.

TheDigitalHash.com recently met the talented musician at his office, and discussed about his upcoming plans, SongFest and also what he streams on the net.

How did the idea of Tum Khoobsurat Ho, a feel-good song for women, start?

The idea of Tum Khoobsurat Ho started with another song. Anurag Bhumia sent a romantic song to me. The lyrics in the stanza really appealed to me and I thought of making a song about telling a woman that you are beautiful the way you are.  Anurag was charged up with this idea. And that’s how Tum Khoobsurat Ho was conceived.

Any comments for the song that have stayed back with you?

The first day the song was put online, I read a comment by a girl who was body shamed throughout her life. But after hearing the song, and tears were rolling down her eyes.

The song is part of SongFest. Can you share more details about the venture?

The idea of SongFest is to provide a platform that supports and nurtures original music. We want to help out not just upcoming musicians, but even the established ones to reach out to more audiences. Apart from that, we also want to collaborate with music directors and composers to highlight any of their new releases.

Which is the last song you streamed?

I had to perform Main Tera Boyfriend from Raabta for a performance. Similarly, I had to sing Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You in a show. I heard it on repeat mode on iTunes.

As a musician, which platform do you prefer Bollywood or internet?

Both. I have grown up listening to Bollywood songs, and dreamt of being part of this industry.

Do you consume digital content?

Yes. I recently watched 1922 on Netflix, based on Stephen King’s work. I also watch a lot of web series. My favorites are House Of Cards, Breaking Bad, and Black Mirror. I also watch YouTube channels like BB Ki Vines, their content is amazing.

What about composing for web series?

You put in a lot of effort in making any kind of music and want it to be promoted properly. Films such as Aashiqui 2, Rock On had a strong musical base. If there’s a music-based web series then it would interest me.

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