Short Film: Welcome to My World

15 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

90s India fans will remember Cartoon Network as the home to some of their favorite mainstream comic series. Now, Cartoon Network is coming up with some stunning material that’s tries to mirror more serious issues that the world faces. Welcome to my Life is one of them. The film takes the mockumentary style of interviewing a monster who lives among humans. The film is made in a cartoon style.

What’s wow? The series is a simple but great way of creating awareness of the issues that people face today. The animation style is unique and adds the much needed ‘wow’ effect to make a short film great. The tight script and simple storyline makes for an entertaining watch.  

What’s blah: The film is well made and there’s no negative points that we could come up with – even after watching the film thrice.

Parting shot: A definite watch, especially in the volatile situation that we live in today.

Director: Elizabeth Ito

Studio:  Cartoon Network

Duration : 8:52


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