Short Film: Life After

31 . Mar . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Amit V Masurkar’s Life After is a short film, which celebrates womanhood. A woman is beautiful not just as she fits into the designated physical or mental standards of beauty but beyond it. In an effort to make us aware of breast cancer and mastectomy this film by TTT is a must watch for reasons beyond entertainment. Our protagonist is a strong woman who tries to embrace life after surviving breast cancer and losing her breast to it. She is still the endearing mother she was and even goes back to work soon after to weld back into her regular life. The bravery with which a woman comes to terms with the loss of what defines her and her femininity for most of her life is the subject of this film.

What’s wow? Vidya Malvade as the cancer survivor is brilliantly constrained in her performance. The one place where she screams at her household help thus outlines her condition even better. The loss is clear in her eyes as she looks at herself in the mirror post surgery or on a photograph on her phone taken earlier. The film makes us ponder about a grief which most of us cannot completely understand. The mood lighting of the film makes it all the more real as we move frame after frame to the end of the film.

What’s blah? Though complete in its simplicity, there is inconclusiveness about the film. From despair to hope and the metaphor of a violin everything comes together to wrap up a story, which could have gone on a little longer.

Parting shot: The making of the film in terms of the shots conceived, the actors, the clarity of edit makes the otherwise simple script get its body. Life After the mastectomy, changes for so many women across the world but this film casts a hope assuring that a woman is complete in every form of herself.

Director: Amit V Masurkar

Cast: Vidya Malvade

Duration : 5:22


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