Web Series: Brown Girls

30 . Mar . 2017
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Episodes : 10

‘Brown Girls’ as the name suggests is about women of color. Brown is an irreversible part of their identity. It is who they are and where they belong in the society. Brown Girls is a web series about Leila, a South Asian-American writer and Patricia, a Black-American girl trying to find her music. Both in their mid twenties are struggling with their unique set of issues. Leila is coming to terms with her ‘queer’ identity, running away from it at the same. The difficulties of being a paid writer dawns upon her as Leila loses grip over her relationship and sanity one after the other.

Patricia, her best friend is constantly weighed down by commitment phobia, from her job as a bar tender to her relationship and most crucially her music. Written by Fatimah Asghar, directed and produced by Sam Bailey, this series is presented by OpenTV.

What’s wow? The script is about everything regular that affects most metropolitan women in their early twenties and that makes for the high point of the series. Envisioned beautifully, with ample hand-held shots, dramatic and nuanced lighting, it is a treat to watch a bunch of young women being themselves on screen. The dialogues are real to the hilt and Leila, Patricia and Miranda own them creating a storyline which changes with every episode yet the characters remain unchanged. Though not marketed as rigorously in the Indian subcontinent, Brown Girls have the potential to take the suburban audience by storm.

What’s blah: The web series is real but can be a little heavy to consume. Young women and their messed up lives sound more colorful than complicated but aren’t quite so. Brown Girls in fact is so relatable that it takes the audience right into the perennial problems of a young adult who is constantly trying to fight herself and all around at the same. So if you are having a tough day I’d suggest give it a miss for tomorrow.

Parting shot: The treatment of the web series sure deserves a gold star. From the background score to the costumes and the terrific casting, Open TV has its safest bet on the writer-director duo. Easily, Brown Girls is binge worthy material for most of us grappling with our own identities.

Cast: Nabila Hossain, Sonia Denis,  Melissa Duprey- Miranda

Director: Sam Bailey



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