Netflix Original: You Get Me

30 . Jun . 2017
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Netflix Originals are the gold class of streaming media. They routinely come up with amazing content that’s shot by some of the best talents in the film industry. Netflix’s latest offering is You Get Me, a film that will leave you intrigued and hooked – along with the dissatisfaction that leaves you rooting for more.

‘You Get Me’ starts as a romantic story of Tyler and Alison, who are friends with Gil and Lydia. Tyler and Alison have a disagreement during a party. That’s when Tyler meets Holly, a mysterious girl who just turns up at the party. The two hook up for a night, leaving Tyler guilty and giving Holly an opportunity to have an upper hand on Tyler. While Tyler and Alison make up, it’s Holly who doesn’t decide to let things go.

What’s Wow: ‘You Get Me’ is a well-made film. The performances are pretty good and support the storyline and script. It’s interesting to see that Netflix is bringing more psychological thriller to their platform.

Teenage psychological thrillers were common in the 90s, but only a few were successful and popular. ‘You Get Me’ follows the template of ‘hell hath no fury like a teenager scorned’ and has the entertaining factor.

What’s Blah: Even with the interesting concept, the film isn’t perfect. The screenplay fails to prepare the characters and endear them to the audience. The love story of the main characters doesn’t have any real meat. Even the hook up scene, which could have been a shocker, doesn’t register with the audience. That is a problem. That such an integral plot point doesn’t remain with the audience is surprising. Another issue is that the filmmaker doesn’t really explore Holly’s character – so there’s only the token hate against her.

Another aspect that the film misses on is the gore and violence. Psychological thrillers are traditionally bloody and are almost a slasher flick. But ‘You Get Me’ is more of an intellectual thriller – now that’s an acquired taste.

Parting Shot: You Get Me is a good addition to the psychological thriller genre.

Cast:  Bella Throne, Halston Sage, Taylor John Smith, Nash Grier, Anna Akana, Garcelle Beauvais, Kathryn Morris, KimberlyWilliams-Paisely, Rhys Wakefield, Brigid Brannagh

Director: Brent Bonacorso

You can watch the film on Netflix


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