Short Film: When The Fat Girl gets Skinny

02 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Obesity is a problem that the world faces, and another bigger problem is the obsession that people, especially women have with being slim and trim. In fact, anorexia is one of those medical issues that few speak about. Several models suffer from anorexia because of their busy schedules and the torture that they but their bodies to – to achieve a look that society approves of. However, the medical complications that arise out of not eating properly – whether to losing weight or gaining it,  are rarely spoken about. When The Fat Girl Gets Skinny does precisely that.

What’s WOW: We liked the bare bones film-making of the short film. The film decides to do away with all the fluff of film-making and sticks to the statement that it wants to make. The voice over works, and so does the minimal screenplay thought that has gone in the  making of the film.

What’s Blah: We couldn’t find anything wrong with the film or the process of film-making that the director has gone through to bring this story on screen.

Parting Shot: This is a must-see film with a must-know statement.

Director: Abby Thompson

Duration: 4:00


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