Short Film: What You See

18 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Short films are tools not just to entertain but also surprise and give necessary messages to society at large. Since last year, short films aren’t just comedy skits. With bigger names like Large Short Films, ScoopWhoop and others diving in, the scenario is full of talented content creators making interesting films – like What You See.

What You See introduces you to a husband and wife to the audience and their married life doesn’t look all rosy. The wife is stumbling about with who seems to be a very possessive husband. The couple are on doctor’s visit, and the audience sees a man who’d normally be labelled as a suffocating, possessive and ultimately jealous husband.  But it’s the other end of the story that really makes this an interesting, if not memorable watch.

What’s Wow: What You See is an interesting film and shows how well a scriptwriter and director works when there’s complete platform freedom for the story to be told. The director Gaurav Bakshi does a nice job of keeping the ruse till the grand reveal. Chandi Pereira and Reyan Sheikh as the husband and wife are good enough and keep the story going with their appreciable performances.

What’s Blah: Apart from few technical jinks like better sound editing, there’s nothing that we can complain about.

Parting Shot: What You See is a good twist-in-the-tale short film.

Cast: Chandi Perera, Reyan Sheikh, Kumud Shaw, Shreya Chawla, Mahesh Mehra Khatri

What You See is available on YouTube:

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