Short Film: Was It Rape Then?

13 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Word taken out of context are the bane of a celebrity. Countless times, journalists have taken quotes from celebrities and mangled it into something that means profit for them. So, when this aspect is taken by someone to create a film about the issues women face, it makes us stand up and take notice.

Was It Rape Then introduces us to a number of women who use Shakespeare’s dialogues to talk about what they undergo everyday as women. One of them is still circling off the after effects of a night gone wrong, another one shows us how women are leered at, yet another one tells us how girls lose self-esteem when ridiculed by their own family.

What’s Wow: This is a great introduction to theater for a whole new digital audience.  The way the performers belt out dialogues that are hundreds of years old and still relevant today speaks a lot about the uniqueness of the bard and his work. The direction is spot on. The tight screenplay grips the audience’s interest.

What’s Blah: This is a unique concept, and we cannot find anything negative in it. Right from the production values to the performances impressed us.

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