Short Film: Victim

15 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sexual assault is a reality. It happens more often than we think and it can happen to anyone – even the rich and the powerful as well as the people who aren’t financially well off. While sexual assault between strangers is spoke about, what we are still shying away from is sexual assault in relationships and marriages.  Many countries don’t even recognize that sexual assault can exist in relationships. In such a scenario, short films like ‘Victim’ are the need of the hour.

What’s WOW: We liked the no-nonsense, cut to the chase kind of film-making that the short film has. The film basically is an emotional and thought provoking monologue of a woman who’s just been sexually assaulted by her boyfriend – who is passed out next to her. The premise is ripe for a raw, emotional diatribe and the film does just that – it gives that out in trumps.  High on emotion and content, Victim is the short film that all of us should watch – after all, this is something that affects individuals as much as it affects society.

What’s Blah:  Monologues are an acquired taste. Some like it and some do not. Even if the concept behind the monologue is pretty solid, how stunning the film is depends on how strong the monologue is.  So, without being judgemental, we’ll just say that this is a monologue film, which might not be everybody’s viewing choice.

Parting Shot:  A good endeavor on the part of the filmmakers and everyone associated with the film.

Cast: Bumni Akins


Duration: 6:18


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