Short Film: Vicky

14 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Films about canines are few and far between. That’s because it is a tad bit difficult to make a film that only has animals in it. It’s a task to get the right emotions from a canine. So, when a film tries to weave an emotional story that has only a dog and birds, that’s a daunting task. Has ‘Vicky’ succeeded in doing that? Here’s our review.

The story begins with a pet dog being brought into a new home. He has a fun, playful time until the man brings home a set of birds. The dog is confused about what role the birds will play in his life. One fine day, while the owner of the house is away, he falls in a ditch near the house, and is rescued only after a few hours. How that makes a difference in the dog’s behavior forms the rest of the film.

What’s Wow: Vicky is a study of how to make a strong screenplay with minimal dialogues and a strong storyline. It’s surprising how the makers have brought an emotional story to the screen with a canine. The director has succeeded in bringing out the emotion well from the animals. This is a must watch for anyone who thinks that canines don’t have emotions and don’t have an intelligent thought process like human beings.

What’s Blah: There’s nothing wrong with this film. Watch it, enjoy it.

Written, Edited & directed by: Manu Antony

Duration: 10 minutes

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