Short Film: Used Parts

06 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Body organ stealing is a crime that has long been under wraps. Not many speak about it and the person who undergoes the crime is already dead. There is little chance that the friends and family will ever know what has happened to their deceased loved one. Therefore, a film that introduces the world to the dirty, criminal word of organ harvesting deserves a welcome.

Used Parts is one of the few films that talks about organ harvesting. The screenplay of the film shows how a particular person is hoodwinked into becoming a victim of the organ harvesting mafia.  The  film has its heart in the right place, but there are some aspects that make it pedestrian.

What’s WOW: The concept has intrigued us. These are the issues that need to be spoken about and should get a wider audience. The film has told a stunning story within the 10 minutes of runtime.

We also like the fact that the film speaks about criminals who have made the Internet and social networks their haven.  This works as a message to the youth as well as their family members – monitor your loved one’s Internet usage.

What’s Blah:  While the screenplay and the concept are good, the dialogues could have been better. The production values of the film are par for the course too. What rankled us is the intimate scene that seemed a bit forced.

Parting Shot: ‘Used Parts’ gives an important message to youth and their loved ones, a must watch.

Cast: Amit Shukla, Trapti Singh, Nandini Shrivastava.

Directed By: Kaushal Mishra

Duration: 8:55


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