Short Film: Saheb, Biwi aur Billi

04 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Modern day couple Kavya and Vipul have a decision to make. Whether to adopt a cat or not. While Kavya is keen on bringing a feline home, Vipul tries to bypass the idea with up and coming excuses. Ultimately they come to a consensus as the witty wife decides to bribe her husband with a new air conditioner for the living room while she gets to adopt a cat.

What’s wow? There is one thing that cannot be denied about the audio-visual medium. If the script is good half the battle is won and if the cast lives up to it then the rest is. Both Rasika Dugal and Vipul Goyal are phenomenal as the contemporary couple agreeing and disagreeing on everyday matters.

What’s blah: I really had a great laugh watching the short video. However, for an audience which is not bothered by eccentricities of today’s metropolitan couple, the content might not be exciting.

Parting shot: The dialogues are relatable and witty all the same. Keeping in mind it’s target audience, TVF once again doesn’t fail to nail the video with humour, humour and more humour.

Cast: Vipul Goyal, Rasika Dugal and Trupti

Director: Raghav Subbu

Produced by: The Viral Fever

Duration : 9:45

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