Short Film: A Tongue Untied – Dakhani

28 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

India is home to several cultures and therefore many languages. Unfortunately, many of these languages are now turning into dialects because fewer people are embracing their local languages, one of them is Dakhani, the language that was once the mainstay of communication in Hyderabad. Dakhani language was made famous by Mehmood and Amitabh Bachchan, who used the language to give an earthy flavor to their characters in films like Gumnaam and Desh Premee. While they used this language for comedy and humour, the language itself has a rich history that everyone interested in history, culture and linguistic knowledge should know.

What’s WOW: The documentary is a well thought of and a well-made short film. It takes stock of the rich history and gives the audience a brief insight into what went into creating the Dakhani language. The film-maker has taken pains to meet and interact with historians and other people who are experts on the subject. This documentary is as informative as it is entertaining. The rare clips of Dakhani poetry that are present in this video are a treat that could revive an interest in the language all over again.

What’s Blah: The documentary is a little too long and could have done with a bit of editing.

Parting Shot: This documentary could well be a beginning of a series that talk about the lost languages in India.

Cast: Various

You can watch the trailer here 

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