Short Film: The School Bag

14 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Crime, terrorism and social issues inspire filmmakers, that’s a known fact. Sometimes, these bring about excellent products that are as heartwarming as they are heartrending. These films pick a cause and bring them to the viewer’s screen, forcing them to think about the issues that the public at large face. The School Bag is one such film.

The film begins in an innocent manner, showing the relationship between a mother and a son. The warm, colorful scenes that the mother and son share definitely tug at the heart. However, this is not the run of the mill film that’s just about this relationship. It turns into a emotional story of how outside, untoward elements have the potential to destroy the calmth and love that a parent provides their children. Based on a real event, the film raises a pertinent question – why do innocents die in the war between terrorists and the authorities.

What’s Wow: Rasika Duggal is great as the mother. Sartaaj RK is an incredible actor. It is the warm camaraderie between the actors that make the film a must watch. The art direction is top class, giving the whole film a fairy-tail-ish look, that will work well with the audience.

What really works is that the film is based as a off-shoot of a real life event. This raises more questions than ever for the viewer. Could this really have happened? If yes, were there more such heartbreaking stories that have yet to be told, yet to be brought on screen.

What’s Blah: There’s nothing negative about this film.

Cast: Rasika Dugal, Sartaaj RK

Director: Dheeraj Jindal and Anshul Agarwal

Duration: 15 minutes

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