Short Film: The Moderators

21 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

A filmmaker-driven documentary unit Field of Vision commissions and creates original short-form, non-fiction films about developing and ongoing stories around the globe. They produce cinematic work that tells the stories of our world from lateral perspectives. The documentary ‘The Moderators’ is chronicled around a week in an office in India. There are a cadre of Internet moderators who ensure that social media sites are not taken over by bots, scammers, and pornographers.

What’s wow? ‘The Moderators’ reveal the minds behind content moderation, taking viewers into the training process that workers go through in order to become social media’s monitors. Shot with clarity of vision to document an important yet mundane part of the digital world, ‘The Moderators’ is an effective effort by the director duo Adrian Chen and Ciaran Cassidy

What’s blah: Interestingly, the documentary makers are committed to short-form, 20 minutes running time in this case, allowing the audience to connect and respond quickly. However, the calibre of the film makes you want to gain more in-depth knowledge about the subject which we are largely unaware of otherwise.

Parting shot: Most, take creative risks, reach wide audiences, explore new ways of storytelling and make movies with a faster production cycle than is possible with long-form documentaries

Director: Adrian Chen and Ciaran Cassidy

Duration: 20:00

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