Short Film: The Jigsaw

06 . Jul . 2017
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Horror films are best made as short films. Many consider the short duration to be the essence of short films.  Films like ‘The Jigsaw’ reaffirm this thought. With the right amount of jump scares and a unique concept, ‘The Jigsaw Puzzle’ further proves this concept.

An old man buys a jigsaw puzzle form a curio shop, even after the shopkeeper gives him a cryptic message that the puzzle might not be in his best interests. When he reaches home and completes the jigsaw, he and the audience realises something horrible is afoot.

What’s WOW: ‘The Jigsaw’ is an amazing film that has a crackling script and a unique, if a bit old concept. The concept has been around since the eighties, and filmmakers have done it right since films like ‘Hellraiser’ and the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise.

The performances are the life of this short-films. With horror films, there’s always this chance that the performances turn out to be a bit cheesy, but that isn’t the case here.

But what really sets the film apart is the open ended climax, that’s something that’s rarely done in a horror film. Horror films are supposed to leave the audience wanting more and thinking about the film long after it’s watched and done with.

What’s Blah: We didn’t find anything negative in this film.

Parting Shot:  The Jigsaw is a kind of a film that proves that horror films and short films are made for each other.

Starring: Peter Bova, Pedro Monterio, Daragh O’Malley

Director: Basil Al-Safar, Rashad Al-Safar

Duration: 8:26


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