Short Film : The Foreigner

10 . Jul . 2017
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Short Film : The Foreigner

Looks like Ram Gopal Varma is finally hitting the right buttons when it comes to film-making. People love RGV for a single reason – he brings to the fore a problem that everyone knows exists but don’t talk about it. Satya did that. Everyone knew about a crime infested Mumbai in the 90s, but not many spoke about it. Satya opened the conversation that’s still going on.

With ‘Foreigner’, RGV opens up a conversation that’s been pending since a long while – the ‘foreign aspect’ that foreign women face when they come to India. A single, foreign woman begins living in a new building and decides to hire a plumber. The plumber is enraptured by her beauty and introduces her to his friends – all from a specific strata of the society. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

RGV scores with a simple, every day concept that’s mind-blowing. He is one of the best film-makers to bring the male gaze to the fore. The camera angles used to portray the woman devolve from being rude to downright vulgar. But a moment into the film and you’ll agree that it is one of the problems that society faces – the male gaze.

We didn’t think that we’d say this, but this film by RGV is a positive message that we all want. It actually fits right with the #NotallMen hashtag that’s going around. It’s hard to believe that a director who’s shot some of the most gruesome massacres in film decides to back a short film with a heartwarming message.

But the heartwarming message  isn’t the only thing about this film that grips you. This short film could well the grown up child of #Notallmen and #Menwillbemen.

What’s Hot: The film has a great story line and a tight script. The concept keeps the audience gripped. Definitely one of the better short films.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: This film is a treat for RGV fans and people who like a quirky, quick film.


Alexandra Gold

Nalneesh Neel

Kumar Saurabh

Ravi Asopa

Anup Sharma

Director : Taruna Khanagwal