Short Film: The Decision

15 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

There’s been a deluge of cause-based web series/web films from Indian film makers. Some of these causes are India centric while others have a global touch. Some industry watchers have now raised the question whether the digital world is becoming a soap box for filmmakers who wish to talk about their pet causes instead of entertaining people.

It’s not like feature films didn’t talk about causes – but Hollywood has always done a far better job of it – Even Avatar had an underlying message of how stronger nations try to conquer weaker countries, invading and destroying their culture.

Be that as it may, Indian filmmakers are taking to the web to have a discourse about their causes and the latest to join the list is Srinu Pandranki with his ‘The Decision’. The short film stars Lakshmi Manchu as a mother who finds out that their child may be born with Down Syndrome. How she and her husband handle the situation forms the rest of the film.

Whats WOW: The film works well as a docu-drama. There are around four to five scenes in the film, which are basically the characters speaking to each other and a camera’s recording them. The dialogues do a good job of spreading awareness about ‘Down Syndrome’ in a simple yet thought provoking manner.  The cliffhanger climax works well.

What’s Blah: The film has very less to offer in terms of cinematography. It’s shot plainly and its evident that the director wanted the audience to pay more attention to the dialogues than have them concentrate on things like camera angles. On the technical front, the dubbing of the dialogues seems a bit off.

Parting Shot: ‘The Decision’ is an over-all good endeavour to raise awareness about ‘Down Syndrome’ and the children affected by it. It doesn’t stand out on the technical standpoint, though.

Cast : Lakshmi Manchu, Raj Virk, Karrie Brown, Vandana Prasad, Krithi Prasad, Elizabeth Johnson, Tom Ricciardelli, Salia Ricciardelli.

Director: Srinu Pandraki

Duration: 21:21


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