Short Film : The Bench

12 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Nuclear families have become the norm now – but that wasn’t the case just a decade or so ago. So, there are some people who remember the time when big families stayed together, and some don’t even know that such a time existed. The Bench is a short film that brings these two kinds of people together.

The short film is about an old couple who come across a young man who’s working on his laptop in a public garden. They request him to make a Facebook profile and ten send someone a friend request. Who that person is and why they have sent the friend request forms the rest of the short film.

What’s Wow: The concept is good. The production values are slick too, and it doesn’t look like you are watching a cheaply made film. All the actors give good performances and weave a heart-warming story.

What’s Blah: The screenplay and the concept are good, but the dialogues might seem to be a bit cliched.

Parting Shot: The Bench has a warmth that works for concepts like these and makes it eminently watchable.

Producer: Pradeep Kumar Singh, Meenu Singh

Cast: Dinesh Mohan, Sapna Datta, Karishma Singh, Raghav Sharma, Ridham Sethi, Veronika Arora

Director: Manish Mehta

Story: Manish Mehta

Associate Director/ Screenplay:  Ankush Bhatia

Dialogues: Kamal Pant

Dop: Vinay Tyagi

Casting Director: Elena Liman

AD:  Neha Samant

Editor: Anuj Bhardwaj

Photography: Saurabh Singh

Sound: Sanjeev

Light: Bittu, Sonu

Hair and Makeup: Shivani

EP: Uravshi Singh

Production Head/ Legal: Vaibhav Kandpal

Produced by: Urva Films & Television Production

In association with IJA Productions

You can watch the short Film below :

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