Short Film: Special Dish

25 . May . 2017
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Films about relationships are difficult to make. There’s always the chance that they become too mushy – especially short films which don’t have the length and depth to tell everything about their characters. That could be one of the reasons there are few films about romantic relationships. Therefore, when someone finally makes one, it definitely intrigues us, like Special Dish, the Marathi short film that revolves around a married couple, and the wife who wonders whether her husband appreciates her ambitions.

The film covers the journey of a woman from being a wife to being one of the most successful food bloggers, who even surpasses her idol. The film depicts the mundanes of a daily life and the deep connect that a husband and wife have – even though both of them are either too busy or too ‘hep’ to portray their love to each other.

What’s Wow: Special Dish knows that it treads difficult lands and ensures that it doesn’t take a trip to cliche-land. The characters are well written and brought forward. This is one of the few films that doesn’t take the technicalities of success granted. For example, the film deals with blog writing, so there is some educated information about the entire process of blogging.

What’s Blah: Though the story that the film tells is good, the film doesn’t rise above its concept. A better screenplay would have made a lot of difference to the film.  The simple screenplay makes the film look like the woman in the film – suppressed.

Parting Shot: ‘Special Dish’ is good viewing, mainly for the younger couples who forget about themselves because they are too busy to.

Cast: Manava Naik, Abhijeet Satam, Aarti Kelkar, Milind Uke

Director: Shivsadan Sable

Duration: 12:53   


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