Short Film: Sinha vs Sinha

05 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, so there have to be movies milking that concept. While not many have hit the web as yet, one of them, Sinha Vs Sinha, was launched a while ago and has already got around 3 lakh hits.

The short film begins with a woman trying to check in a hotel, only to find out that the room has been given to someone else. In a typical cliché, the two are forced to spend the night in the same room. This start would make one feel that this is a typical Bollywood romance. But a twist in the middle turns into a brother-sister story.

What’s Wow: Bollywood has been bad with familial relationships. So it’s good that the short films are looking towards this relationship as material for films. Both the performers bring the characters to the fore and the audience will instantly connect with them. Iqbal Khan is incredible as the brother and Additi Gupta is phenomenal as the sister.  The direction is fantastic, resulting in a tightly made film.

What’s Blah:  We couldn’t find anything wrong with this film.

Parting Shot: This is a must watch film.

Cast: Iqbal Khan, Additi Gupta

Duration: 12:31

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