Short Film: Section 42.(CrPC)

01 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The Indian Penal system has a lot of rules, regulations and laws that aren’t simple.  There are several cases where people fall in the trap of law just because they don’t know a specific rule or law. One of them is the Section 42 CrPC. Under this section, a police officer can arrest a person if he or she doesn’t reveal his residence, the police officer can hold a arrest to ascertain the residence of the individual. This is a little known law and therefore making a short film on this makes sense.

The film begins with a biker coming across a person who’s injured and on the road. He is in two minds, whether the call the police of not. He also realises the section 42, which can be used by the police to hassle him. What he does next forms the rest of the film.

What’s WOW: The film spreads social awareness about a problem everyone can face. Apart from that, we don’t see a lot happening here. The performances are quite good too.

What’s Blah: The film is badly shot. We have seen the earlier work of Pocket Films, so the bad technical detailing shocks us. The story of the film is based in the night and we were quite surprised that even the faces of the main characters aren’t visible in some of the shots. We wonder whether this is because the director wanted to maintain the reality factor or whether they were just scrimping on lights.

Parting Shot: Pocket Films has made good films. We hope they up their production values.

Cast: Arun Parameswaran, Vinod Assissi, Tharun Moorthy, Syam Lal, Winsaagar & Adarsh Chandran

Directed By: Nirmal S


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