Short Film: Sameera

13 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Internet finds itself home to a lot of unique thoughts and ideas. And YouTube is definitely the freeway that provides a platform to upcoming artists and abstract but important ideas. The short film Sameera is one such endeavor. The protagonist is about a Muslim painter in her late 20s. While her parents want her to settle down in life and keep on arranging marriage proposals for her. And Sameera, without stating the reason keeps on denying them. Even as her parents prod her on revealing her lover if any, Sameera chooses to stay mum. But her parents sense that she is hiding something from them, but are helpless as Sameera just doesn’t reveal her feelings.

Towards the end, it is revealed who Sameera is in awe of, in the most amazing cinematic manner possible.

Whats WOW? The thought of using colours to convey an important emotion like love is highly commendable. The idea that Sameera knows in her head that her parents may not understand her has been communicated in the most beautiful manner possible.  Sameera keeps to herself so much that you actually end up thinking whether she is mute.

What’s Blah? Sameera is an act class apart.

Parting Shot: If you like stories that make you think and ponder about the realities of life, then Sameera is a must watch for you.


Sameera – Swati Semwal

Sameera’s Mother – Sapna Sand

Sameera ‘s Father – Iqbal Raj

Writer & Director- Swati Semwal

Producer – Imran Furniturewala, Swati Semwal


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