Short Film: Royal Stag LSF Skin of Marble

15 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Royal Stag LSF has come up with some incredible content in the past, including the Chintan Sarda directed short film starring Jackie Shroff, Shunyata. They have now released a unique short film, Skin of Marble that is a unique look at one of the bloodiest part of India’s history – the partition.

The short film begins with the introduction of two lovers, a Hindu man and a foreigner female. While the man and woman are in love, bloodshed and death lies outside – but there’s problems inside too. The man has already been betrothed to a family friend’s daughter.

Even as the man makes his sacrifice for his family name, his foreign lover humiliates and disowns him. The man confesses everything to his wife. He then decides to confront the woman for one final time, and that’s when the truth tumbles out.

What’s WOW? Foreigners have rarely been seen in a positive light in Indian films. The only positive role that comes to mind is that of Elizabeth in Lagaan and then Sue in Rang De Basanti. While the story is an emotional take on Partition, that character stands out.

What’s Blah? Nothing

Parting Shot: A fresh look on Indian history is always welcome.

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