Short Film Review : The Bar throws a good twist

20 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Twist short films are cool – and they are becoming the go-to kind of films for content creators for streaming platforms. Humaramovies brings to audiences Aneeta Patel’s short film, The Bar, the short film that stars Sudhanshu Pandey. The concept of short film is simple – an Alpha Male tries everything that he can do to have one-night stands. While he succeeds almost every time, fate has a moral lesson for him – one that he will never forget.

What’s Wow: Sudhanshu Pandey gives a great performance, in a short film that’s as funky as it’s dark. We don’t have many dark themed short films, so this one is a good addition to that list. The concept, of course, is different and keeps the audience engaged.  The short film also does a good work of using the ambience of the locations that it is set in. The Bar is also one of the few films to have a stunning statement on patriarchy and social norms, without really going over the top.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: Another great addition to the list of dark, twisted films.

Cast: Sudhanshu Pandey, Dhritti Saharan, Anushka Ghorpade, Palak Sidhwani, Arman Nagpal

Writer and Director: Aneeta Patel

Producer: Humaramovies