Short Film: Real Heroes: Uday Bhai

27 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If there was one thing missing from the short film scene, it was a film based on real life. Of course, we have got documentaries, but fictionalised tales based on factual people weren’t really available. But Officer’s Choice Blue and Saregama decided to change that with their new streaming film series, ‘Real Heroes’. The series will tell the story of several everyday heroes who seldom get the recognition they deserve. The  first short film Uday Bhai from this series is available now. Set in Gujarat, the web film tells the story of a rickshaw driver who’s more of a good samaritan than a driver. He has a unique concept that’s not just thought provoking but also spread some smiles all about.

We had reported earlier about this series “Real Heroes, Salute Zindagi

What’s WOW: The concept of making such good samaritians is definitely a very good one – more so because of the times that we live in.  And going to the grassroots –so to say – of the being good concept, this series is bound to spring up some surprises. We are definitely looking forward for the next video in this series. We also liked the direction of the web film. If these kind of shots were achieved using a DSLR, that’s speaks volumes of the director and the camera man’s talent and skill.

What’s Blah: The first film Uday Bhai is a well made one and holds our interest. However, the dialogues can be tweaked to something much better. Currently, they stand out as something that’s written by a person who’s desperate to prove the truthfulness of whatever is happening on  screen.

Parting Shot:  This web series is a great way to tell a ‘feel good’ story to the audience.

Duration: 5:42

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