Short Film: Promise

24 . Jul . 2017
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Romantic films are mostly a win-win scenario in mainstream films. Somehow, that genre hasn’t kicked speed in the short film genre. Even in the well produced web series, the romantic track is just one of the many story arcs. SO, Sunil Sanjan’s Promise, a 20 minuter that portrays a love story comes as a pleasant surprise.

Promise starts with a lonely man remembering the love of his life, even as he drowns himself in what’s his solace, liquor and tobacco. We see him sending text messages to the love of his life. The short film shows that the man has a functioning professional life.  His friend calls him up to remind him of the important day tomorrow. However, the message recipient doesn’t reply to his messages. This leads the audience to wonder how  stone hearted woman a woman could be. She won’t reply to multiple drunk-texts from a man that she loved so much.

However, the twist in the end clarifies everything. What begins as a anti-love story evolves into a touching films about undying love.

What’s WOW: Promise is a well made film with good production values. The director decided to keep the frame dark, and that somehow works to bring out the psyche of the person who’s no longer in good terms with the love of his life.

We loved the screenplay and the twist in the end will definitely have people thinking and immediately empathise with both the characters in the short film.  Promise has an intense story line and good performances. The lead actor portrays the gamut of emotions quite well  and so does the actor who plays his wife.

What’s Blah:  Short films are a quick genre. Most of the short films are under the 10 minute mark. At more than 22 minutes, Promise overstays its welcome. We would have loved it if the duration of the film was cut even by as much as 50 percent.

Parting Shot:  A good story with better performances, but the editing leaves a lot .

Cast and Crew:

Producer: Sunil Sanjan

Director: Sunil Sanjan


Duration: 22:23


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