Short Film – Pocket Mummy

14 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

One question that keeps coming back to me is why do we take our mothers for granted? Whether it is their food, or advice, their warning, compassion, opinion or their selflessness in general. Be it you or me, or the most sensible person around, we all do it. Or have done it at some point. Madhoo as the intelligent and graceful mother makes sure that her son who has now stepped into adulthood is both independent and responsible.

What’s wow? Some short films are like chocolate candies with caramel insides. They are small, sweet, fill you up with goodness and and salt and you feel like you have had a taste of heaven.

But more than the taste it is the after-taste that stays on. Pocket mummy is one just treat by Director Nitesh Ranglani, written by Parzaan Dastoor himself.

The dialogue flow like in its own little journey without a hint of forcefulness to it. However, the ultimate hero of the film is obviously the mother portrayed par excellence by Madhoo. Her charisma is addictive and I promise you wont get enough of her in six minutes twenty seconds of the film.

What’s blah: Nothing. Trust me I tried. Not one thing.

Parting shot: I have been following humaramovie shorts for a while now and this stands out for me. The concept is great and the actors are every bit adorable. Overall it is the cohesive team effort that shines through. Must watch!

Cast: Madhoo, Parzaan Dastur

Director: Nitesh V. Ranglani

Produced by: humaramovie

Duration: 6: 20