Short Film Plus Minus Review: A good endeavour and a good debut for Bhuvan Bam.

14 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The much-anticipated short film starring Bhuvan Bam and Divya Dutta is here. The film was said to be a light-hearted romantic film that was about two people who were at different stages in their personal and romantic life. While parts of the short film will impress romance film lovers, there’s a twist mid-screenplay that makes it a unique story.

Divya Dutta plays a woman who’s traveling in a train, planning to separate from her husband. During the train journey, she meets a soldier, Harbhajan Singh, who pacifies her and effectively makes her change her mind. However, the story doesn’t end there – when Dutta’s character tries to introduce her husband to the soldier, things get more curious.

Having a light-hearted story with a supernatural element is quite an interesting cocktail and makes for good viewing. It is also interesting to see that the story writers went for a real-life incident rather than create something new. Divya Dutta does a good job of playing a gregarious, over the top Punjaban. This is Bhuvan Bam’s acting debut in a short film, and he does a decent job of it.

What’s Wow:  The concept is interesting and keeps the audience hooked on to the story. It’s also good that the supernatural film doesn’t have blood and gore, two things almost always connected with the horror genre.

What’s Blah: The supernatural element is great, and so is the main story arc of Dutta’s character. However, the putting together of these two together seems a bit off.

Parting Shot: A good endeavour and a good debut for Bhuvan Bam.

Cast and Crew:

Cast: Bhuvan Bam, Divya Dutta, Ram Singh Chaudhary, Neelu Kohli, Santosh Singh, Parijat Atreja

Producers: Guneet Monga, Rohit Raj, Achi Jain.

Director: Jyoti Kapur Das.