Short Film: ‘Period Pattu’

30 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

So, a few days ago the world commemorated the World Menstrual Hygiene Day. Like all such days, Indian web film-makers made some films on the concept. While some were the same old ‘men should know’ kind of films, one was ‘boys should know’. But there were few films that stood out not because of the concept, but because they were quite entertaining and handled the concept in a novel way, one of them is ‘Period Pattu’.

The video is a shot in a simple song-and-dance scenario, where the singer, Sofia Ashraf speaks out about the issues that women have, while using sanitary napkins. The video works well as a humorous take on an issue that neither the Government nor manufacturers are planning to attend to, any time soon.

What’s WOW: The concept of the video is what grabs the audience’s attention and what keeps them attentive is how it is shot. This is a kind of modern, web film-making that’s fast gaining popularity. A no-frills attached, minimal screen-play film that tells what it wants to without taking too much of the audience’s time.

This is a fun, quirky video that is creating awareness about something that all of us have ignored.

What’s Blah:  Nothing.

Parting Shot: Period Pattu is a must-watch for the audiences as well as film-makers. The latter can take tips on how to handle serious issues in a humorous manner.

Cast: Moneeka Ravi, Sachika Balvani and  Sofia Ashraf

Written By: Sofia Ashraf

Duration: 4:15

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