Short Film: Paw Prints

07 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

People say that a dog is God’s gift to mankind. The current generation is much more receptive to animals at home. Filmmakers are now looking to create a message about animals and the people who love them. While many people accept dogs and other animals as their pets, many don’t – because they haven’t been initiated with a pet. So, what happens when a man is suddenly, literally forced to have a dog? Paw Prints is a short film that tells this story.

The film shows a man suddenly having to take care of a dog for a few days. Those few days seem to turn into months and the dog becomes part of the man’s lonely life. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

What’s WOW: Paw Prints is a well-made film. The story is predictable, but the direction and the screenplay makes it a good watch.  The director tells us once again that a predictable story line doesn’t mean a boring watch. The film tells an incredible story of man and canine bonding. That it does it in such a small time-frame is laudable.

What’s Blah:  The film doesn’t have anything negative going for it.




Vaisakh Nair

Utthara Unni

Urmila Unni

A R Unni


Manjunath Bhat

Jose Mangali

Written & Directed By:

Utthara Unni

Duration: 14:00

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