Short Film: Paroksh

12 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A villager puts an entire family and its close associates, including a serious looking grandee of the village in deep anxiety by a simple act of forgetfulness. The mother becomes fearful for her daughter’s safety and wakes up to nightmares only to realize the ‘Paroksh’ of the incidents haunting her, and in resonance the rest. Based on a true story, Paroksh, is a beautifully made short which takes not a second extra to live up to outstanding story-telling standards.

What’s wow? Set in Mangalore, Paroksh achieves in a matter of minutes what feature length films are unable to in a duration of hours. Having worked under the tutelage of RGV, Ganesh Shetty obviously has learned the trick to create thrill by the artistry of camera angles. What tells him apart is however how he decides to counter the same techniques before the audience takes notice. The film gets over, but its effective treatment, quirk and the subject doesn’t leave you. The director of the film, Ganesh Shetty is the latest candy in the store and its time we all take a bite off the newbie filmmaker’s excellence.

What’s blah: Honestly not a low point. In fact, these days, things that come free seem to reflect better quality check than ones we pay for. Okay maybe not food, clothing or shelter but consuming first-rate entertainment free of cost is the latest luxury of our time.

Parting shot: One thing is a must learn lesson from ‘Paroksh’. Do not tamper with regional languages if you can communicate effectively aided by subtitles. The language, the cinematography, the cast, the background score and the crispness of it’s edit makes the film a sublime watch.

Cast: Amit Siyal, Pooja Upasana and Yateen Karyekar

Director: Ganesh Shetty

Duration : 12:21

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