Short Film: Parineeti

16 . Jun . 2017
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Short films is the fast, new way to get across a point. It is a platform for new, interesting talent to tell stories that are really close to their heart. In such a scenario, we see many actors making their debut. One of them is Shweta Rohira, better known as Salman Khan’s ‘rakhi sister’. She’s making her debut with the short film, ‘Parineeti’.

The film tells the story of a young woman, Parineeti, who’s fiesty, strong minded but things don’t always go her way – or maybe they do. She lives her father, played by Kanwaljeet Singh and is touch with her estranged mother. In this short film, she’s trying to bring her parents back together. Does she succeed, that’s what this film is about.

What’s Wow: The film ‘Parineeti’ has its heart in the right place. It tells us that a relationship, however frayed, can be repaired, if only someone takes the time to do so.

Shweta Rohira has a pretty good debut and she’s has some nice actors to bounce her emotions off. Kanwaljeet Singh still has years of performance in him and he is one guy who should never stop facing the camera. The same goes for Kitu Gidwani, who’s a joy to watch in this short film. The production values, as far as the shooting is concerned, are quite good.

What’s Blah: Parineeti is a feel-good film that has the ‘aaw’ factor intact. But somewhere, it gives out the wrong message to the audience. For example, even as the estranged couple try to make amends, there’s this sequence where the mother speaks about her doubts that her husband is philandering. Maybe that sequence was planned to invoke the ‘feel good factor’, but the millennial crowd will ask why is a man’s ‘being male’ is added to him being ‘friends with women’.

As we have noted earlier, the film is beautifully shot with great production values.  In such a scenario, the bad CGI stands out. Particularly when the CGI is an integral part of the climax. A scene that should invoke emotions actually has us asking questions about why the maker didn’t hire a better VFX artist.

Parting Shot:  This film has its heart in the right place, but it’s not something that’s a ‘must watch’.

Cast: Kanwaljit Singh, Kidu Gidwani, Shweta Rohira

Directed by: Sunil Thadani

Duration: 16 Mins


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