Short Film: Papa We Love You Too

24 . Jun . 2017
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Father’s Day saw a couple of films that told the undying love that children had their fathers. That string of films is still going on, and one of them is SonyLIV’s ‘Papa We Love You Too’.

SonyLIV is doing some amazing work when it comes to short films. In the nineties, it changed traditional tv channels with their programming. In 2017, it is bringing engaging and entertaining short films to their streaming platform.

The film begins with a child returning from school, his day a success and an award that his father is too tired to celebrate by the time he returns home. The film shows the loving, if weakening bond between the father and the son. In the end, we come to know the various sacrifices that the son does so he can spend some time with his father.

What’s WOW?

Another unique concept that’s thought provoking and engaging is brought to life. The performances are good. Production values are by default top class. The screenplay and the direction are good too.

What’s Blah: We liked the concept and the overall treatment, but the major concept – that of the son saving money to spend time with his father – doesn’t come out quite well in the film. That’s an issue in the screenplay and the direction. The story is simple, something that could be inspired by a Facebook post. To bring such simple stories to screen, a stronger screenplay’s needed.

Parting Shot: ‘Papa we love u too’ leaves us with a feel good factor. Watch this one.

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Lekh Tandon, Arya Kabir Sadanand

Duration 7:08

You can watch it below :

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