Short Film: Padha

09 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Padha (multiplication tables) is a Marathi short film, revolving around a fourth-grader Kuldip who is nowhere near his name, which means the ‘Enlightener of the family’. He is always late for school and takes ‘notoriety’ to another level.

But when his math teacher threatens him to recite multiplication tables the next morning, or else face expulsion from school, Kuldip is shocked. He surprises everyone in his family by burning the midnight oil, but when his teacher asks him to recite the table, he goes blank. Does he face expulsion then?

What’s WOW? The sheer simplicity of the short film appealed to us. The two messages interwoven in the story are just so wow. How the backstory is linked to the main story is also commendable.

The child actor Swapnil Joshi, is so raw and appealing, it is beyond words. He is able to portray all emotions with such élan; you forget he is just a child artist. Kudos Swapnil!

The knitty-gritty of a Maharashtra village are depicted well in the short film. Everyone knows everyone in the village, and that aspect has been portrayed very well.

What’s Blah? Nothing much really. This is one those short films, where you complain of its short format.

Parting Shot: Watch this short film to get some goosebumps and some awe-inspiring takeaway. It is definitely must watch.

Cast: Swapnil Joshi, Prof.Vijay Navale, Atul Gaikwad, Kishor Kumbhar

Direction & Screenplay: Mahesh Sushilasudam Narke

Duration: 15.00 mins


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