Short Film: Noise

21 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Living in a metro has its advantages and disadvantages. While the advantages are numerous so are the disadvantages. Ask any person living in a metro and the one thing that they say surrounds them all the time is ‘noise’. It’s high time someone spoke about this, and Kalki Koechlin has done it with her short film slash music video, ‘Noise.’

The video is Kalki’s second slam poetry offering with Culture Machine after ‘Printing Machine’. That had a great story and was an earworm and Noise follows its footsteps. Slam poetry is a growing trend and its an educated like or dislike. It’s a fun, quick medium of putting a point across, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes immensely popular quickly.

Kalki uses Slam Poetry to talk about several things that celebrities and other common men and women face in their everyday life – filtering it through the noise that they are surrounded by all through their lives.

Kalki’s Noise raises an important question. It’s a take on how noise and sound plays an important role in the life of a person. It puts forth the idea that noises have been the biggest culprits, when invasion of privacy and private space is becoming such a big thing.

What’s WOW: The film is shot very well and Kalki’s slam poetry is a gem in itself. The screenplay captures the spirit of Mumbai in a unique manner. The screenplay takes us back to some of the other iconic films set in Mumbai like Salaam Bombay, Bombay and the other films of yore.

What’s Blah: We couldn’t find anything wrong with this short film.

Parting Shot: Kalki and Culture Machine have taken a bold step fusing slam poetry and talking about something that’s all around us

Written & Performed by: Kalki Koechlin

Produced by: Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd.

Creative Director: Akanksha Seda

Directed by: Sumedh Natu, Siddharth Sathyajit

Duration 7:08

You can watch the video below :-


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