Short Film: Mumbai-Varanasi Express

25 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The fear of death can be more lethal than death itself. As we evolve, coming to terms with death is becoming more and more difficult. Films like Mumbai-Varanasi Express are simple stories that tell us about the natural circle that is life and death.

The film tells the story of a successful albeit ill man who has lost his wish to live because has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. He decides to spend his last days in Varanasi, the place that is known to be the final resting place for Indians and people all over the world. It is there that life’s little mysteries are revealed to him – and the audience and what happens next forms the rest of the film.

What’s WOW: Mumbai-Varanasi Express is a well shot film and captures the small-town nature and the mystique of a city that ‘celebrates death’ – according to one of the characters in the film.   If you wish to get a glimpse of one of the most popular tourist places, and places of religious interest, Mumbai-Varanasi Express is the film that you should see.

The screenplay is crisp and the interaction between the two main characters makes for entertaining viewing. Without falling into the trap of creating clichés, Mumbai-Varanasi express establishes the aspects of self-happiness and awareness.

The film also decides to take potshots at traditional and contemporary medicine. The layered scripts handles aspects like happiness being the crux of good health, an active life being a happy, healthy life, etc. through simple instances.

The warm, realistic performances by Darshan Zariwala and others in the film allow the audience to have a much better connect with the characters. Several short films take unknown faces that are incredible performers, so as to create a ‘story about us’ aspect to the film. Mumbai – Varanasi uses this tried and tested formula which works well for them. It also gives a raw, realistic look at Varanasi, well known for being the place that people from all over the world come to spend their last days. 

What’s Blah! : Mumbai-Varanasi Express is an impressive film told in an interesting manner. We couldn’t find the film missing anything in any compartment of film making.

Parting Shot: Mumbai-Varanasi Express is a good starting point for a conversation that we as a generation should have – the continuity of life and death.

Cast: Darshan Zariwala

Director: Aarti Chabria

Duration: 30:38

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