Short Film: Mulaqat

22 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Short films are a great medium for telling stories that are quick and won’t be able to justify the run time of a feature film. More and more filmmakers are looking at this medium to tell some thought-provoking stories.  With mainstream filmmakers and companies coming into the picture, we can no longer consider the short film category to be an experimental one. In fact, some of the short films has great production values and can stand toe to toe with feature films in terms of story, scripts and performances. Therefore, it is time for reviewers to review these films as bluntly as they’d do feature films. Mulaqat – All You Need Is One Moment To Fall In Love is backed by a good streaming platform, so there’s every reason to react to this film as one would to a mainstream film.

It tells the story of a young man who meets a chef, likes her food and the two begin to converse via the Internet. The two come close because of the common likes and dislikes. When the man decides to take the relationship ahead, the woman steps back. The reason behind why the woman decided to do that is the crux of the film.

What’s Wow: The concept of the film is quite good. It explores a hitherto unknown concept – that of people with disabilities and whether they can find love. We do like watching films about causes and can only hope that these films are produced well.

What’s Blah: The film has its soul in the right place but leaves a lot to desire in almost all other departments. This is a poignant, thought provoking tale, so a lot depended on the direction and the screenplay. Unfortunately, both don’t stand up to their requirements. The performances also could have been much better.

The biggest culprit is the screenplay though. We actually know nothing about the characters, apart from the fact that they fall in love with each other. With a runtime that’s more than most short films around, it would have been possible to implement these things into the story that’s been shown.  The production value is not at par with other films that Pocket Films have on their channel. This one looks like it’s shot on an iPhone, and lacks finesse which audiences are used to seeing in short films.

Parting Shot: The film has its heart in the right place and comes up with a poignant concept, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.


Cast & Crew:

Director: Visshal Sinha

Music / Sound: Vadim Kiselev Sanam

Editor: Hemant Goyal

Cinematographer: Darrell Ayer

Actors: Niroja Panda, Gautam Gurnani, Subroto Mondal, Vidhi Gupta

Duration: 16:51

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