Short Film: Mother Promise (Aai Shapath)

14 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Mother Promise (Aai Shapath) is a cute short film that depicts the story of an eight year old Soham. As his maternal uncle and aunty have a stay over at his place, along with their son Ninad, Soham gets a life altering lesson.

While playing in the society compound Ninad takes a false swear on his mother. This puts Soham in a dilemma and he is constantly checking whether his aunt is still alive or not.

When the family starts its journey back home, Soham’s worries knows no bounds.

What’s WOW? The simplicity of Soham (Abhishek Bachankar) is just so endearing. The way that character has been written too deserves compliment. Children pick up habits quickly, that’s why what we say, and how we conduct yourselves in front of them is important.

What’s Blah? The short film was capable to be more crisp. An ideal duration for it could have been 10 minutes.

Parting Shot: Despite being a bit stretched, you will fall in love with Mother promise. It may probably even change the way you behave in front of yours/others kids too.

Director: Gautam Vaze

Duration: 15 mins

Screened at Jio MAMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films

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