Short Film: Morning Manju

30 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A new short film by Humara Movies has been released which has a unique title of Morning Manju. The film starts with a typical morning scene in a city household. The maid is cleaning the floor while her employer is busy reading the newspaper, while the radio is playing in the background.

From there on, the film takes a different turn. The employer is sneaking through the newspaper to ogle at the maid, while she is busy with her work. He goes on to the next level of spilling some tea on the floor, so that he can look at her from the front. The maid senses that he has done this on purpose.

As she unwillingly starts cleaning up the floor, there is a story being played on the radio. The story is an exact depiction of what is currently happening in the household. While the two are listening to it, the story takes a dramatic turn were the employer is having thoughts of assaulting the maid.

Hearing the story on the radio, the employer shuts it and forcefully stops the maid as she struggles to keep it on. She manages to switch it on, and the radio story goes into a different zone altogether. It helps the maid muster the courage to give it back to her employer.

What Wow? The idea of not having any dialogues in the short film is commendable. With just two characters in the short film, there is hardly anything for the audiences to complain about. The two actors hold the audience’s attention quite well. The short film is extremely crisp; and stays true to its genre of short film.

What’s Blah? Nothing to complain about in the film.

Parting Shot: Morning Manju is a good venture that will stay back with the audiences. The story is carefully written and executed, and acted well by the two actors.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Vivek Mushran

Director and writer: Vivek Mushran